choose to be leader

Choose to be a leader

No matter where you stand in the organizational hierarchy, you must choose to be a leader. Let me share a short story, there was a senior nurse at hospital in California who was in-charge of the emergency department. The strategies employed by the hospital to manage the people coming in the emergency department were failing miserably. The patients had to wait for long hours to get treated. She decided to pitch in her idea to manage the patient flow better to the upper levels. In her speech, she stressed the importance of providing care at the right time with an intensity the top management could not ignore. This resulted in her leading a group with 70 members to regulate the patient flow amidst the chaos in the hospital. Even though, she was technically a middle-level manager, she made long-lasting positive impact in the operations of her organization due to her vision and motivation. She was instrumental in increasing the pace of the patients being transferred from the emergency department to the wards and the patients were discharged quicker, leading to their happiness.